About Us

Plastic Craft Polyurethane Moulding is a partnership between C.S.C. Birch and M.A. Scott, commencing operations in May 2006. Michael Scott Michael has a background in Materials Science, and has worked in manufacturing since 1991, with experience in R&D, extrusion, quality assurance, and polyurethane moulding. Cameron Birch Cameron's experience is with product design and machining of metal and polyurethane components. He has over 10 years manufacturing experience with hands on ability in the workshop. Facilities Our workshop is equipped to process polyurethane strictly in accordance with our suppliers specification.
It has:

  • 4 ovens, all capable of maintaining a process temperature of 100°C. The main pouring oven is digitally controlled and fan forced, a second, used for postcure, is a laboratory grade oven with analog thermostat control and fan force.
  • Vacuum chamber, with pump capable of 0.1 mbar vacuum. We ensure that the material is thoroughly degassed both before and after mixing (products up to 3kg)
  • Lathe
  • Mill
  • Hardness Tester: hardness of finished product is checked before dispatch
  • Temperature Probe: Mix temperatures and oven temperatures are checked.
  • Linish, grind, abrade: equipment for cleaning and roughening surfaces for bonding. Successful bonding depends on careful surface preparation.
  • Safety is a serious concern, and the workshop is equipped with a fume cupboard for weighing and mixing operations. A fume hood extends over one of the ovens used for pouring large/large surface area objects, which give off more fumes. The workshop is ventilated, and pouring practices developed to minimize exposure to isocyanate gases.
  • MOCA: we process using MOCA when needed for ultimate physical properties and environmental resistance. Large objects and products in 75D hardness are processed with Ethacure.


Plastic Craft is located in an industrial complex at 40 Ingleston Rd, Wakerley (see contact page for map), adjoining steel fabricators Red Phoenix Pty Ltd and White Phoenix Pty Ltd.

  • Red Phoenix manufactures fireproof doors, shade structures, step treads, fencing components, and truck parts.
  • White Phoenix manufacture stainless steel bow rails, biminis and guardrails, and custom fabricate stainless steel and aluminium fuel and water tanks.

We liaise with our neighbours to produce products incorporating metal components as well as polyurethane.